NFL Fantasy

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Each week your goal is to pick the best 9 player fantasy team possible while staying under the 50,000 salary cap. Players will range in price according to skill, recent performance, matchup and history. In this format you have the ability to choose any player you desire without limit or restrictions each week.

Sports Geek NFL Fantasy will mirror the current NFL league structure; 2 conferences, each with 4 divisions. During the 15-week regular season, divisional teams will play each other twice while the remaining 9 weeks will be played within the conference. Playoffs will follow a similar structure to the NFL; 12 teams will compete in the postseason with the top 2 division winners from each conference receiving byes.

To see more information regarding playoffs, payouts, and rules and see the League Information on this page.


NFL Fantasy Details

There will be 32 teams in total separated by AFC and NFC conferences.

AFC and NFC conferences will then be divided into 4 equal but separate divisions; East, West, North & South.

Teams within the divisions will play each other 2 times.

The remaining weeks will spread out over other divisions within the same conference.

There will be a total of 15 head to head match ups for the regular season

Tie-breaking Procedures

In cases of ties, (division winners, wild cards, playoff byes and seeding) tie-breakers will be as followed: head-to-head results, total points. A tie between 3 or more teams will be decided by total points.

Salary Cap

In each contest, participants will create a lineup by selecting players listed in the player pool. Each player listed has an assigned salary and a valid lineup must not exceed the salary cap of $50,000.

The player pool will consist of all NFL players expected to be on the active roster for any team scheduled to play in the contest. Occasionally a player may be missing from the player pool due to trades or other unforeseen circumstances.

In most circumstances, once the player pool is established for a contest, including positions and salaries, the player pool will not be adjusted. In the rare event that there is a mistake within the player pool that would significantly impact game quality, Sports Geek reserves the right to correct the mistake after contests are posted

Player salaries will not change once contests are posted.

Contest results will be determined by the total points accumulated by each individual lineup entry (scoring rules summarized below).

In cases of ties, the winner will be decided by the highest individual scorer between the 2 teams. If the highest scoring players are tied it will go to the next highest scoring player. This will repeat until a winner is determined.

Team Rosters

Rosters will consist of 9 players and must include players from at least 2 different NFL teams, and representing at least 2 different Football games.

The 9 roster positions are: QB, RB1, RB2, WR1, WR2, WR3, TE, FLEX (RB/WR/TE), and DST.

Game Cancellations & Postponements

In the event that a scheduled game is cancelled, preempted, or postponed for any reason after the start of the contest that includes such cancelled, preempted or postponed game, no points will be awarded for players in the cancelled, preempted or postponed game or event.

Suspended & Shortened Games

Sports Geek uses official NFL statistics and only includes statistics from games NFL deems to be official. If the NFL declares a game "suspended" then the statistics generated before the game is suspended will count in the said game. Any statistics generated on a later date when the game resumes will not be included.

Roster Deadlines

Contest entry will close approximately five minutes before the start of the first game in the contest. You can edit your full roster as many times as you like before the contest closes and begins. After this point, you can continue to edit and swap any player up until the start of their individual game time. Player editing locks when the scheduled start time for their game begins. Players editing will NOT be available when and if a game is delayed or postponed.

Live Scoring

NFL contests that offer live scoring and standings updates are not official and are for informational purposes only. Official scores and results will be posted at the conclusion of the contest. You will know when the final results are posted when the contest status updates to "Completed", and the contests moves from the "Live Games" section to the "Completed Games" section on the My Contests page.

Scoring Revisions

During each game, live scoring updates from stats provider, STATS LLC will continually update. After each game has concluded, a final box score, which will be used to calculate the results of each contest. However, the leagues and stats provider will occasionally revise box scores after the final box score has been released. In the event this occurs, the player scores will not be updated and the settlements will not be revised. Note that this is not the same situation as a case where a correction needs to be made after settlement due to a bug or issue with the data feed or the settlement process. In these cases the settlement process (including payment) may be reversed and redone correctly.

Passing TD+4 Pts
25 Passing Yards+1 Pt
300+ Yard Passing Game+3 Pts
Interception-1 Pt
Rushing TD+6 Pts
10 Rushing Yards+1 Pt
100+ Yard Rushing Game+3 Pts
Receiving TD+6 Pts
10 Receiving Yards+1 Pt
100+ Receiving Yard Game+3 Pts
Reception+1 Pt
Punt/Kickoff/FG Return for TD+6 Pts
Fumble Lost-1 Pt
2 Pt Conversion (Pass, Run, or Catch)+2 Pts
Offensive Fumble Recovery TD+6 Pts
Defense & Special Teams
Sack+1 Pt
Interception+2 Pts
Fumble Recovery+2 Pts
Punt/Kickoff/FG Return for TD+6 Pts
Interception Return TD+6 Pts
Fumble Recovery TD+6 Pts
Blocked Punt or FG Return TD+6 Pts
Safety+2 Pts
Blocked Kick+2 Pts
2 Pt Conversion/Extra Point Return+2 Pts
0 Points Allowed+10 Pts
1 – 6 Points Allowed+7 Pts
7 – 13 Points Allowed+4 Pts
14 – 20 Points Allowed+1 Pt
21 – 27 Points Allowed+0 Pts
28 – 34 Points Allowed-1 Pt
35+ Points Allowed-4 Pts
*Note: Points Allowed (PA) only includes points surrendered while DST is on the field and does not include points given up by team’s offense (i.e. points off offensive turnovers). 2 point conversion returns are not included.


Week 1SEP 10 & 111PM EST
Week 2SEP 17 & 181PM EST
Week 3SEP 24 & 251PM EST
Week 4OCT 1 & 21PM EST
Week 5OCT 8 & 91PM EST
Week 6OCT 15 & 161PM EST
Week 7OCT 22 & 231PM EST
Week 8OCT 29 & 301PM EST
Week 9NOV 5 & 61PM EST
Week 10NOV 12 & 131PM EST
Week 11NOV 19 & 201PM EST
Week 12NOV 26 & 271PM EST
Week 13DEC 3 & 41PM EST
Week 14DEC 10 & 111PM EST
Week 15DEC 17 & 181PM EST
Wild CardDEC 23, 24 & 251PM EST
DivisionalDEC 311PM EST
Conference JAN 71PM EST
Super BowlJAN 13, 14 & 15TBD


Sports Geek NFL Fantasy Playoffs are identical to the NFL playoffs and consist of 12 teams. The bracket is made up of 6 teams from the AFC and 6 teams from the NFC conferences. There are four divisions in each conference, the winner of each division will automatically qualify for the playoffs. Those four teams will then be seeded 1 through 4 based on their record (1 seed having the best record). The two highest seeded teams from each conference get byes.

After the division winners are determined, the next 2 teams with the best record will qualify for the wild card. The two wild-card teams are seeded fifth and sixth (with the better of the two having seed 5) regardless of their records compared to the 4 division winners. There are 2 wild card teams from each conference.

The NFL Playoff rearranges the bracket in the second round so that the highest seed (1) in each conference plays the lowest remaining seed in the same conference.

Playoffs will last 5 weeks and be played weeks during the NFL weeks 16, 17, 18, NFL Wild Card and Divisional Rounds.The Super Bowl will last 2 weeks and accumulate points over the NFL Wild Card and Divisional Rounds.


Weekly Winners (x15)
Division Winners (x8)
Regular Season Champion
Points Champion
Playoff Champion
Playoff Runner-up